Safe Patient Mobilization

Alpha Modalities’ focus is on providing cost effective long term solutions for Safe Patient Mobilization. As the designer and manufacturer of washable, wipeable and ECO slings for both ceiling and floor based lifts, we guarantee compatibility on all hardware systems currently sold in the North American market. With multiple manufacturing plants in the US, we have the ability to customize sizing, colors and custom labeling. All our products are manufactured in the USA. You can review our full product line on this website and also on our print catalog:

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Specialty Panniculus Sling

  • Washable version has soft inner wicking liner that goes against patients skin
  • Wipeable version ideal for ED and areas that do not have laundry services – wipe with Hospital approved disinfectants or 10% bleach solution
  • Design of sling holds Panniculus to allow inspection of skin fold areas
  • Compatible with loop lift systems or used manually
  • Inspection slits on sling allow access underneath sling for cleaning
  • Safe Working Load 454kg / 1000lbs

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Full Assist

Patient is unwilling or unable to assist in turning, boosting, toileting, lateral transfers or holding of limb.

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Partial Assist

Patient can follow basic commands but requires assistance to stand, walk or sit-up in bed.

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Stand-by Assist

Patient can follow basic commands and can walk, toilet or boost themselves in bed without assistance.

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